Why The Devine Synthetic Lace Front Bob Wig Is So Divine

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A stylish Bob wig can emphasize your natural beauty. Due to an abundance of Bob styles, one should never feel like they are without options, or limited with this hairstyle. You have to figure out what works for you, and if one style isn't clicking, try another. As you are on the Bob hunt, consider the Devine Synthetic Lace Front Wig.

Seen in Red Pepper Mix, The Devine Synthetic Lace Front Wig is a modern, chin-length Bob with layered sides. Accompanied by an extended lace front and monofilament part, the ready-to-wear unit looks effortlessly natural from the jump. With its premium hair, features and benefits, Devine can provide a realistic alternative hair solution for women with partial to total hair loss.

In addition to Red Pepper Mix, Devine is also offered in Black, Dark Chocolate Rooted, Chocolate Mix, Mocca Rooted, Light Bernstein Rooted, Sand Mix, Champagne Rooted, Pearl Blonde Rooted, Silver Blonde Rooted, Dark Snow Rooted and Aubergine Mix.

Color Breakdown
Black | Jet Black & Darkest Brown blend
Dark Chocolate Rooted | Dark Brown base w/Light Reddish Brown highlights w/Dark Roots
Chocolate Mix | Medium to Dark Brown base w/Light Reddish Brown highlights
Mocca Rooted | Medium Brown, Light Brown & Light Auburn blend w/Dark Roots
Light Bernstein Rooted | Light Auburn, Light Honey Blonde & Light Reddish Brown blend & Dark Roots
Sand Mix | Light Brown, Medium Honey Blonde & Light Golden Blonde Blend
Champagne Rooted | Light Beige Blonde, Medium Honey Blonde & Platinum Blonde blend w/Dark Roots
Pearl Blonde Rooted | Pearl Platinum, Dark Ash Blonde & Medium Honey Blonde mix
Silver Blonde Rooted | Pure Silver White blended w/Light Ash Blonde
Dark Snow Rooted | Pure Silver White w/10% Medium Brown & Silver White w/5% Light Brown blend w/Dark Roots
Red Pepper Mix | Red Auburn & Dark Auburn blend w/a Dark Burgundy nape
Aubergine Mix | Darkest Brown w/hints of Plum at base & Bright Cherry Red & Dark Burgundy Highlights

Short and to the immediate point, you too can look and feel DEVINE!

📸 | © Ellen Wille

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