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Martin Luther once said, "The hair is the richest ornament of women."

Take your beauty to the next level with The PURE Collection! The Pure Power and Pure Europe Collections offer a superior quality of Human Hair that is premium, exclusive and luxurious. You can see and feel the dedication put into each wig, as they possess the most up-to-date, modern 21st century designs. From long, short, to in-between lengths, and in multiple colors, Ellen Wille's Human Hair Wigs provide a passionate experience for buyers and wearers. European Remy Human Hair Wigs offer comfort, luxury and quality, as they are crafted with amazing attention to detail, high-level cap construction and remarkable movement. Look and feel your best with incredibly natural elegance.

A wig or hairpiece made of Human Hair is a particularly high-quality piece of workmanship. Human Hair is generally more strong and durable than Synthetic. With the right care, a person can enjoy their human hair model for a lengthy period of time. Consistent cleaning with Ellen Wille's Shampoo and Conditioner by BeautiMark will increase the life and preserve its silky natural shine, while a Moisturizing Hair Cream will add softness, and Hair Milk will render immediate visible benefits, such as preventing breakage when brushing and/or combing. The Cream and Milk hair care products are created by esteemed holistic beauty brand, Shu Uemura Art of Hair. Moreover, the Shu Uemura Art of Hair products can also be utilized on natural hair.

The Essence Absolue Hair Oil-In-Cream is a moisturizing hair cream that tames frizz, and adds shine and softness to dry, thick and coarse hair, while keeping the hair hydrated at the exact same time. Typically, frizzy hair could be caused by a lack of moisture, the humidity, harsh hair products, too much heat or possibly overwashing. And if you're really experiencing some bad hair days, maybe all of the above could apply simultaneously. Because of the lightweight texture of the oil, your wig and/or natural hair will not look limp, lifeless, dull or feel weighed down.

    The Essence Absolue All-In-Oil Hair Milk is a hair oil spray created specifically for all hair types to prevent breakage from combing and brushing, increase softness and protect from heat-styling. This is a lightweight consistency that is not oily or greasy, so your hair will not feel weighted in any way, shape or form.

    Ellen Wille's BeautiMark Pure Care Shampoo and Conditioner are a specifically formulated collection of products designed to get maximum life from highly processed Human Hair of all types. Safe for your skin, each product is free of harmful toxins and chemical smells, as they are naturally scented with essential oils. The Hydrating amino acid rich Shampoo provides nourishing hydration to all color-treated hair without weighing it down.

    Packed with antioxidants and scented with essential oils, Hydrating Shampoo extends the life of your hair, ensuring you vibrant locks year around. The Intensive Recovery Conditioner is nutrition for your hair and packs a punch by providing weightless moisture with help from Vitamin B5, antioxidants and amino acids. Intensive Recovery extends the life & color of all chemically treated human hair.

    My recommendation for daily average use is to clean the hair about once or twice a week, and adjusting the frequency according to your everyday activities. Basically, clean your wig or hairpiece depending on the intensity of use.

    In summation, having the courage to transform yourself is just that...COURAGEOUS! Maybe you are tired of the same old look day after day, or feeling in a constant rut that is hard to escape. The PURE Collection accommodates one in modifying not only their look, but entire life.

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