What Makes Up Ellen Wille's Wigs?

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Synthetic Hair
Synthetic Hair Wigs by Ellen Wille are of the highest quality. The Synthetic Hair Fiber cannot be visually distinguished from natural human hair, while offering a natural and healthy shine. The styling is very straightforward, as the "curl" of the hair is incorporated into the structure of the hair so that the hairstyle is always perfect! One can easily style with your hands or fingers. Wearing a wig made of Ellen Wille synthetic hair fiber allows an amazingly wide range of trendy and fashion forward colors.

Benefits at a glance
• Incredibly easy daily wear
Synthetic Hair Wigs are pre-styled & retain their original look & shape after cleaning
• Vibrant Colors with beautifully blended shades
• Reasonably priced
• Low-Maintenance
• An extensive & diverse range of hairstyles

Note: Synthetic hair does not tolerate heat

Prime Hair (Human/Synthetic Blend)
Ellen Wille's Prime Hair is the perfect blend of quality high class human hair and very fine heat-resistant synthetic fiber. The innovative Prime Hair combines advantages of both Human Hair and Synthetic Fibers. This provides the ability to have the best of both worlds!

Benefits at a glance
Prime Hair looks and feels like Pure Human Hair
• Combines attractive colors, natural shades and stunning dimensional highlights
• The hair will maintain the style created with heat even after being washed
• All styles are ready-to-wear and can be blow-dried, curled and straightened (up to 350°F)

Human Hair
Ellen Wille's Pure Human Hair Collections are both classy and exclusive. Human Hair Pieces are ideal for women who place a great deal of importance upon naturalness. With its natural movement and healthy shine, the Remy quality human hair provides you with a wig that is amazingly comfortable to wear. The cap construction on the human hair pieces are so comfortable to the point of forgetting you are even wearing a wig!

Benefits at a glance
• Natural high quality
• Realistic aesthetics
• More styling options - Hair can be Straightened or Curled
• Human Hair can be dyed with lowlights

Note: Do not attempt to dye human hair without a salon professional

What is Ellen Wille's "Remy Hair Quality?"
Brilliantly shiny with durability and strength, Remy Hair is high quality hair that has been specially selected and controlled. The hair is knotted in the direction of the individual hair’s growth, which gives the finished wig a beautiful and natural finish. Remy Hair has a wonderful shine, it is highly natural and can be easily styled to perfection.

Ultimately, there are advantages to each option, as varying situations make each model the ideal choice.

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