What Is The Scoop On Ellen Wille's Wig Density?

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Let’s discuss Density, shall we?

Typically expressed as a %, density on a wig is referring to how much hair is on your alternative hair system. Density is not reflective of the hair texture, which is often a misconception in the alternative hair industry. The higher the density, the fuller a wig will look, and the lower the density, the thinner a wig will look. Please view the image below for clear visualization.

As lighter-weight wigs are becoming a very sought-after feature, Ellen Wille's styles, whether hand-tied, wefted, or a topper, a lighter and European-Like density is always applied. This creates a very natural appearance that easily becomes a part of you. The light density is for what Ellen Wille is most known and what distinguishes Ellen's signature styles from other brands. This has been, and continues to be, the philosophy for the Ellen Wille brand.

Fun Fact: The “Aura” Synthetic Lace Front Wig featured in The Hair Society Collection won the award for "Lightest Wig" from the World Congress for Hair Solutions.

📸 | © Ellen Wille

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