What is Ellen Wille's Comfort Lace?

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Comfort Lace is a suitable choice for wig lovers who are experiencing irritation with Standard Lace Fronts. Please have a look at this quick video to see what the Ellen Wille Comfort Lace looks like, and what styles in which this feature can be found. Afterwards, keep reading to understand a little bit more about the advantages associated with a wig made up of Comfort Lace.

A quick note: The video is only 0:14 seconds long, so don't blink 😂. As a matter of fact, you will probably have to view it at least 2-3 times. Oh, and there isn't anything wrong with your speakers, earbuds and/or earphones. There isn't a sound 😉.

The Ellen Wille Comfort Lace is made up of a Standard Lace Front, but offers a second layer of soft Swiss Lace for maximum comfort. Enjoy the benefits of having a natural-looking hairline and multi-directional knotting, along with all-day comfort.

2 Layers: Standard Lace for durability and a thin layer of soft Swiss Lace underneath that will provide extraordinary comfort.

View the beautiful hairstyles with a Comfort Lace feature:
Award Remy Human Hair Wig
Brilliance Plus Remy Human Hair Wig
Ivory Human Hair Wig
Wish Human Hair Wig
Trinity Plus Remy Human Hair Wig
Spectra Plus Remy Human Hair Wig
Emotion Remy Human Hair Wig
Image Human & Synthetic Hair Wig
Obsession Remy Human Hair Wig
Cascade Remy Human Hair Wig
Catch Human & Synthetic Hair Wig
Xenita-Hi Remy Human Hair Wig

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