What Are The Differences Between A Standard Lace Front & Extended Lace Front?

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Lace Front Wigs are incredibly popular in the beauty industry for a multitude of reasons. Ellen Wille offers more than 80 styles with the Extended Lace Front feature, and more than 80 styles with a Standard Lace Front.

Extended Lace Front
Extended Lace Fronts provide a natural looking hairline appearance that extends from ear tab to ear tab in most styles. Moreover, the versatility allows for multi-directional styling, and the ability to style the hair up and off the face.

Standard Lace Front
Lace Front Wigs are always in high demand because they allow for a very natural looking hairline. The flexibility and convenience of pulling your hair off your face is a unique feature, while still looking so very natural at the same time.

From Mini Lace Fronts to Extended Lace Fronts, there is an option for everyone. Rest assured, no matter which Lace Front you choose, each option is known to be fashion forward and of the highest quality.

Because of this, you shall feel incredibly confident in your choice!

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