5 Protective Hair Styling Tips & The Health of The Scalp

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Yes, protective hairstyles are known for their beauty, convenience and low-maintenance, but the wearer should not ignore the health of the scalp. I have a few tips I want to share to keep your hair and scalp soothed and happy.

1) If you have a protective style and continuously experience scalp pain long after implementation, it is highly recommended to remove the style altogether. This goes without saying, but a reasonable amount of tension is required to achieve a desired hairstyle, but excessive tension can cause Traction Alopecia. This is a form of Alopecia, or continuous hair loss, primarily brought about by repeated tension and tightly pulled hairstyles.

2) Shampooing and washing your hair while in a protective style can leave one at a crossroads. Often, protective style wearers do not want to risk altering their desired look, so it is important to find creative ways to see that your hair and scalp remain clean and healthy. Opt for a lovely style that will allow one to properly care for the scalp and hair underneath. Examples of such styles are braids, removable wigs, twists, sew-in weaves or locs.

3) When wearing a protective hairstyle, you may experience bouts of itchiness and dryness. Be sure to have a protective hairstyle product (or products) on hand, so as to avoid constant scratching and patting of your head. Recommended is a lightweight, non-greasy leave-in spray/mist for instant hydration. You can find a wide array of protective style sprays and mists on Etsy made by small business owners.

4) Hair odor is something that can occur with or without a protective style, so have a non-greasy, lightweight scalp-refresher mist handy, as it will provide a cooling sensation and neutralize any malodorous smells.

5) A protective style should stay in for about 6-8 weeks and not any longer. The importance of giving your hair and scalp a break and room to breathe is incredibly significant. Additionally, space is needed to continue to grow new hair.

Designed to help guard the hair, protective styling is in style no matter the season, as the options are endless, and simple enough for elegance and simplicity to be implemented into your haircare routine.

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