How To Get Colorful Hair Like Garcelle Beauvais In Pastel Colors

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Garcelle Beauvais has had quite the hair evolution during her short, but notable stint on reality television. She could be a natural chameleon, someone who alters according to her mood, or in need of a go-to transitioning style, but either way, she makes change look so easy. Easy and beautiful.

Women know all too well it is very empowering to change your hair. Celebrating uniquely chosen hairstyles as you express who you are is part of defining your style and identity. It may not seem like it to some, but taking control over something that seems so simple can bring about a recognizable difference in your life. You can often inspire others to do the same without even knowing.

Garcelle's Purple locks are the inspiration behind this write-up, as I thought it would be a neat idea to recommend a very special wig offered in 4 gorgeous pastel colors that are just as fun and colorful as the color Purple itself.

Tabu is a beautiful Synthetic Lace Front Wig with a wefted cap to keep one cool, and a mini lace front that provides just enough lift to keep the hair parted away from your face. Styled in soft beach waves, the 4 pastel colors are Lavender, Rose-Blonde, Ice-Blue and Rosewood (from left to right).

Color Breakdown
LAVENDER | Medium Dark Brown Root, blended into Light Silver Smoke Tones, blended with Various shades of Purple
ICE-BLUE | Seamless Blend of Slate Gray mixed with Light Steel Blue and a touch of White Smoke
ROSEWOOD | Medium Dark Brown Roots that melt into a mixture of Saddle Brown and Terra-Cotta Tones with Dark Roots
ROSE-BLONDE | Medium Dark Brown Roots that melt into a Pale Golden Blonde, with a Mixture of Pink Tones Underneath, with Dark Roots

This particular wig is made with high-quality Futura fibers, so whether you lean more towards fun pastel colors, or a natural color (Chocolate-Rooted or Espresso-Tipped for example), Tabu allows for versatility and multiple styling options.

Allow me to mention Tabu also comes in Champagne Rooted, Chocolate Rooted, Espresso Tipped, Hazelnut Rooted, Light Bernstein Rooted and Sandy Blonde Rooted.

Color Breakdown
ESPRESSO TIPPED | Darkest Brown tipped with Medium Brown
CHOCOLATE ROOTED | Medium to Dark Brown base with Light Reddish Brown highlights and Dark Roots
CHAMPAGNE ROOTED | Light Beige Blonde, Medium Honey Blonde and Platinum Blonde blend with Dark Roots
HAZELNUT ROOTED | Medium Brown base with Medium Reddish Brown and Copper Red highlights and Dark Roots
LIGHT BERNSTEIN ROOTED | Light Auburn, Light Honey Blonde and Light Reddish Brown blend and Dark Roots
SANDY BLONDE ROOTED | Medium Honey Blonde, Light Ash Blonde and Lightest Reddish Brown blend with Dark Roots

Hair can certainly be symbolic of change and reconstruction, and a tried and tested way of embracing a new look, as well as a new you.

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