Addressing Popular Myths & Misconceptions About Short Hair

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Swirling around are many popular, yet unfair, myths about short hairstyles for women. So popular are they that negative associations and stereotypes have infiltrated our mind and pop culture. Constructed below is a quick list of far-fetched myths associated with short hair.

Myth: Short hairstyles do not allow for versatility in hair design.
Truth: Not only can short hair be versatile, but sexy, fashionable and fun as well. Get creative and be open to using your imagination, because what you can do is limitless. Examples include changing direction of your part and/or bangs, adding texture to straight hair, changing features and/or edge design and shaving intricate lines for an edgier look.

Myth: Women with short hairstyles are less feminine.
Truth: What an offensive untruth. Short hair is historically considered masculine and solely associated with men. Women are tired of hearing that an inherent character-trait is dictated by the length of their hair. Nobody would ever accuse Toni Braxton, Halle Berry or Charlize Theron of being less than feminine or tomboys. Continue reading.

Allow me to remind you of the time actress Keri Russell, who portrayed Felicity Porter on the hit WB show Felicity, chopped off her famous naturally curly locks during the second season. Not only did the chop cause an uproar, but the ratings plummeted tremendously, while the character and the woman who played her, received a flood of backlash. Strangers often approached her on the street to make unnecessary remarks like, "You were so pretty before you cut your hair." Viewers absolutely refused to accept the short hair. Years later, Keri Russell expressed bewilderment about the unexpected hysteria by stating, "What’s fascinating about our culture is we like women with long hair. But by the way I love women with short hair. Like their necks, it’s such a sensual part of their body. But Americans like women with long hair." Unfortunately, Ms. Russell learned this the hard way, as fans never forgave her and the show was ultimately cancelled.

Myth: Short hairstyles require a significant amount of upkeep.
Truth: No. Short hairstyles require the least amount of day-to-day maintenance. You can maintain style and versatility while rocking a low-maintenance hairdo. According to popular hair experts, shampooing and conditioning once per week is sufficient.

To cut to the chase, never allow naysayers to sway you from freshening up your style and exploring the possibility to wear a short hairstyle. Discover what works for you and inspire others to do the same.

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