3 Widely-Known Myths & Misconceptions About Short Hair

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Circulating are several widely-known and unjust myths regarding short hair for women. The damaging stereotypes and unfortunate associations have permeated our minds, and pop culture itself. Because of this, I have put together a short list to combat this harmful way of thinking.

Myth: You are limited in versatility wearing short hair.
Truth: Very untrue! Your versatility is limitless when rocking a short hairstyle. Once you understand what all you can do with a short do', you can become even more creative in using your imagination. For instance, add serious texture to bone-straight hair, flip the direction of your bangs or part, get an edge-up, or even switch the edge design.

Myth: Short hair makes women less feminine
Truth: This is quite an insulting untruth. Short hair is traditionally known to be associated with the male sex, but nobody would ever lodge tomboy accusations at Nicole Ari Parker-Kodjoe, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Lupita Nyong'o or Rihanna.

Does anyone remember the uproar surrounding Keri Russell cutting her beautiful curly hair? What an overreaction! At the time, she portrayed Felicity Porter on the hit WB show, Felicity. Once she cut her hair, the ratings plummeted significantly, and the character was berated, as was the woman who played her. An example of this is when strangers rudely approached her to say, "You were so pretty before you cut your hair." Years later, she addressed the unnecessary excitement by stating, "What’s fascinating about our culture is we like women with long hair. But by the way I love women with short hair. Like their necks, it’s such a sensual part of their body. But Americans like women with long hair." The show's ratings never recovered and was eventually cancelled.

Last one...

Myth: Short hairstyles are in need of a ton of maintenance.
Truth: No way! A short do' requires the least amount of daily upkeep. Never will versatility and style suffer, and washing and conditioning once a week is adequate.

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