3 Necessary Essentials For Braided Designs

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Summer is almost on the horizon, and you have probably been thinking a great deal about a protective hairstyle perfect for protecting your hair from the hot weather. Without a doubt, one of the best and most popular protective styles, are Braids. But with a braided style, one must always remember to secure the vital tools for upkeep. To begin, start with these 3 inexpensive items for required maintenance. Keep reading!

1) Edge Control is an absolute must
An Edge Control product is 100% necessary to help keep your hair sleek, and the edges even sleeker during braiding. Preferably one that does not leave white flakes and provides your hair a with a fantastic hold. In case you were not aware, some edge controls, like Edge Control: Black Edition for example, can promotes growth while holding your edges and hair firmly in place.

2) Edge Brush for all hair types
Invest in a delicate, yet solid Edge Brush, as this is essential to your routine for endless swirls and swoops. For maximum convenience and cost savings, consider a 3-in-1 for swirling, brushing and combing your baby hair into whatever look or shape you ultimately desire.

3) Rattail Comb is absolutely essential
The Rattail Comb's pointed end will assist in uniformed parts, leaving the completed work neat, uniformed and on point.

Lastly, the same tools are also necessary for braids and protective hairstyles during the Winter season, because of course, you'll want to protect your hair from the cold temperatures when it is time.

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