2 Highly Rated Natural Haircare Products For Black/African-American Hair

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As Black/African-American women, we are well aware our Afro-textured hair has the tendency to be fragile, and is more prone to serious breakage, dryness and damage. Whether worn in its natural state or manipulated, Black hair is more susceptible to the aforementioned.

Oftentimes, we are bombarded with so many haircare items offered to the Black community to the point of being overwhelmed. This leads one to eventually being unable to choose right off, or experimenting with multiple products in order to learn the best haircare routine that is unique to you. Recommended below are 2 highly reviewed hair products that you may want to implement into your haircare regimen.

1) ORS Olive Oil Edge Control Gel: Infused with sweet Almond oil to protect and strength the hairline, the ORS Olive Oil Edge Control Hair Gel works amazingly well when smoothing your edges and keeping them in your desired place. The gel offers a 24 hour hold, while allowing for complete styling versatility.

    2) Kinky Curly Stellar Strands Hydrating Deep Treatment: Richly infused with Argan and Macadamia Oil to assist in reviving brittle, dry hair, the Kinky Curly Stellar Strands Hydrating Deep Treatment provides shine and moisture. While working to strengthen strands, the hair's elasticity will greatly improve with continuous use.

    No matter your eventual choice, never forget that utilizing high quality haircare products is essential to the health of your hair, scalp and overall hygiene. 📸 | © J. Balla

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